Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

February 20, 2010

This colorful fridge is keeping my New York ashen days bright!

Can anyone tell me if Mr. Groundhog revealed his little furry head on Groundhog’s day? I hope so. I am getting a bit tired of grey, cold days not knowing whether it’s going to snow, rain, sleet or be 60 degrees! I’m dreaming of sun-shiney days prancing around Central Park or being able to open the windows to allow the warm, fresh summer air in.

Today I felt the Spring-Summer fever pretty bad. I counted – 28 days until the official First Day of Spring. Until then, I am going to keep staring at this cute and colorful fridge from Smeg. But if staring at this fridge is not lifting your Chi blahs, maybe these little tips will:

  • buy some colorful flowers and put them where you sit the most
  • have salmon for lunch and get your vitamin D! (what we’re deficient in when there is no sunshine anywhere or anyway to be found)
  • put on your brightest winter accessory – scarf, hat, gloves, whatever. That’s an easy cheer up!
  • write in a colorful inked pen for the day (unless you’re an accountant or are in any other profession where this may be frowned upon)
  • laugh for 5 full minutes with a child
If none of these work (although I really think the last one will), then make some popcorn, flick on the Winter Olympics and cheer on your favorite athletes. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, you may as well cheer them on!

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