Junk in Your Trunk

January 15, 2010
I wish you were my drawer. Very soon you will be.

It’s that time of the year coming up….Chinese New Year! This year Chinese New Year falls on February 14th. Don’t think of it as messing up Valentine’s day but rather look on the bright side – new year, new relationship energy. Kinda sexy. I personally love Chinese New Year because all the things I said I would start on the western new year, well, ahem, I get a second chance start it. This year is Year of the Tiger (hold the karaoke jokes please). I will be getting more into detail about what this entails in upcoming posts but I wanted to share with you first what traditional Chinese custom suggests during these weeks leading up to the new year.

I’ve got three words. Chinese Spring Cleaning. And I don’t mean just kicking that stuff under the carpet. I mean deep cleaning like organizing closets, cleaning out the dust bunnies under the couch and wiping down all the other icky places you forget to clean. As we’re rolling into the weekend, I thought you’d appreciate my forewarning to get rocking and rolling. Yes I’ve checked the weather channel and I know that it’s going to be the in mid 40s this weekend. So even if you don’t get started this weekend, I’ve given you ample time to get it done. One month minus one day to be exact!

Dig deep and clean out your drawers!

Remember, clutter clearing for the new year is a very important in Feng Shui. If areas of your home or business are cluttered, energy may be stuck. If it’s stuck going into the new year, you can imagine the energy path for the rest of the year. So this weekend, start small. Walk over to your funkiest junk drawer (you know which one that is!), take a deep breath, dump out its contents and put back only what is needed. Then put something in that drawer that makes you happy, I mean really happy. This way it will inspire you to keep it clean and organized and each time you open it, and it will make you smile.

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