You Are Where You Live

January 7, 2010
Look ma, we’re on the food map!

This post is about food so hope you have recovered from the holiday food festivities!!

When you meet someone new, chances are the first questions they ask you are, “What do you do for a living?” or “Where do you live?” As you can imagine, the 4000+ year old ancient art of Feng Shui can be quite involved so for the sake of time and post-holiday recuperation of my brain, I will tackle the latter question today.

I live in Queens. People who may have heard of our borough will usually think we live in the hip and artsy areas of Astoria or Long Island City. But it’s better than that. We live in the delicious and ethnically diverse neighborhood of Elmhurst. Queens already has wonderful Chi (life force) with all the diversity and oompf of old and new immigrants, restaurants and shopping possibilities. To our sheer delight, one of our favorite food magazines, Edible, has released a Queens edition!

If you’re into food, and we are, Elmhurst is the place for you. According to, Elmhurst’s “…zip code is considered the most diverse in NYC, with some 57 languages spoken according to the NYC Department of Education.” Even if you are not into food,take this Feng Shui tidbit to heart – food is our body and soul’s nourishment.If we do not feed and nourish ourselves properly, we may not be healthy enough to work and in turn, material and spiritual prosperity may reflect this. Edible Queens may single-handedly increase the Chi of Queens by enticing foodies from across the bridge. It that doesn’t entice you enough, they are hosting An Edible Winter Warm Up on January 24th in LIC that will feature tastings from local restaurants and benefit Hour Children Food Pantry. Welcome my foodie friends and enjoy your stay!

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