My Domain is Your Domain

December 30, 2009
I love how I can find Feng Shui in almost anything. This was the last place I thought I could merge my Feng Shui and design skills. When designing websites for clients, I need to explain the technicalities of domain names, hosting, metatags, etc. So I thought that I would google the information to find them a site where they can get the explanations they need. Well I actually should come completely clean, I google everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. If you want to know how much sand it takes to create a beach, I can get you an answer as fast as my internet connection will allow me. When I hit Google’s search button today for my latest quest for knowledge, lo and behold what did I find? A little drawing of a house that explains the difference between a domain name, hosting and data services as seen here. What more could I ask for, a house that explains technicalities of website jargon. You’re hired little house!

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